Of not to live like a Machine


Insıde out of a Machine

Like a machinery goes running, our lives depend on the circulation of that machinery’s work. That machinery work is always come with some obligatory phases. You should run and work and then run a machine again to run yourself in a primated phase. That is a machinery machine, Techne.

To not to mistake with the tenchnicity, it itself remains undodged by the standardization of Machine. Machinery working of the machine scrumbles people into situations that they even themselves can’t solve without the help of the machine, at least we think like that. But for once to not to think like that, to give ourselves a chance of not thinking like that maybe would give us the opportunity to consider the chances to live without Rockerfeller and Donald Trump. Towers, towers of hell be Damned!

That is the way of a religious condemnation, but we are more clever than that. To live without the unsanity of the Towers and machine, Techne, is also a part of the thinking. You can’t put to the ground that way of a thinking. That way we also comdemned to silence, in another way we will be that part of a rethinking, not reforming of the machine, for not liberating and not freedom, something close to the feel of swimming together in a children pool without peeing.

Maybe you would give it a thinking that in some of your times, that maybe be the part of your thinking process. Thanks for All!