An essay on Chet Baker and his trumpetism

GörselChet Baker may be deceased a long time ago in the Hollish coast of the world. He put down to his life to an end from an hotel windowpane for the last to look to the skies in the eyes of a seagull. That is that i think of him, he is longing for the eyes of a seagull that he is saying his to his trumpet “Kraak!” that means in brass language, ich liebe dich.

That may be oldy, but that oldies may be in a goldy business. Ow, that same old shit somebody says but i think i already know who he is. He is the now new old that shit becoming the real deal of the old business. So, stay along Chet, we are for you to save you with a long cotton ball made carpet under the pavements of a 40 years ago of that longing dream: That is to play in a dreamy business with a silent proud. Proud of a citizen, may it be. Proud of a certain kind of blue.

Oğulcan Y. Özdemir