A poem by Turkish poet Emel Koşar.

phpthumb_generated_thumbnail_0zamanı yolculuğa
sürükleyen bütün
yollar Roma’ya çıkıyor
tarihi söndürmek için
şeytan üçgenlerini
ıskalayan bilim
denklemleri ışık
hızına yetişemiyor
nedense kıvranan yollar
yolculuğa hiç özenmiyor

Her weakness is lying in her weekly promptiness. A weekly weakiness is always deeping down the ground of the soil by the flow of the waters. Rogue of the waters comes from the lilies serpentcy. So, in her poem like a serpenting serpent i think I can hear the voice of a bi-lingular women. That is a poet’s personal painting. A painting by this poems voice. So without any contempt I can see the rights to translate this poem into another language to make it understable to another one and non-understandable to its own readers/writers. That is the class of a thing I think, especially in this piece. So here it goes:

time to travels

lingering all

the Roads to Rome to come

to slight the history

the evilish triangles

misses the science

functions not catch up

to the haste of

why that the squirming roads

not imitate the travelling loads.

Note that this is a free translation and you don’t have to buy it. You just don’t read and commerce it and that would be all for the protection of the writer rights. Don’t expect anything more, hey the contributors of the writing. The publishing companies, I’m telling you!

Oğulcan Y. Özdemir