A writing about Davie Smith

I’ve never met David Smith. I’ve never known him and never seen him in exhibitons and never seen him in an exhibition and exposition’s in Turkey or in another country. But i think it would be true about him if there is someone who link’s abstract expressionism to Giacometti and more generally the existantialist literature, i think it is him. At least as being someone who has learned in Arts for more that four years i guess I can say that.

But to be more truthfully, before the thing that goes on in to the sky with the marbling ironing’s of the sculpturing culture, he is more than a one person exhibition. He is more like a one person who always sees the other two person. They are always two persons interlinking the connectivity of the Other. That is a lacanian term i know and i know too that i’m too lazy to check out if that may I use it in the right correalation. But i think to say more trutfully say about him, to my eyes he is more like a inking designer of the sculpting sculpture.

He looks from his sculpture’s own eyes and says: Yes, that’s me. And looks back into it’s eyes and says, of course: That is her. That is, at least what i’m talking about.