A Trial on Rewriting, may be not to blame: Art Brut, and that Same Guy goes along the same Way: The limit of the Borderlishness

Today, in my opinion we are going through times that the borderlessness and it’s borderlesses learning sometimes to they are too, even the stupidiest one hast the right to be criticized. This is the mainly problem of the all evily and devilishly business. And of course, all business.

Yes since, from Dante we are into some kind of Hevaen and Hell perception in this homely welcomed World. But, the question of what if that we are to be not just welcomed by that ever guests, and this is our mian and mainly our Home? That is what materialism was saying like a 40 years ago, and since the beginning of the Renassaince. But today, we are going through harsh times that even the words which are not spelled and even the writings which are not strictly published can be the objection of a crime. That is, the subjection of a writer: not always, but mostly. Because a writer too much of an often can be a false attituded entity, that is a non-being person.

Yes this is kind of weird since the metaphysics is getting involved all in the business. But we know that, Art Tatum we very well know that while you are drinking your beer and playing your piano; there is always somebody in their part to think that that he has a right to think that you are insulting the worshippiness of the piano. Thus, the borderliness came: The interruption of improvisation, that means Improvement of the Composition.

In that Dialectical and Materialistic sense thusly, we can say that someone and always some who people can see the right to see your paintings, and look at your collar card and see the weirdness of the thing and says: “Hey, that’s Art Brut, that is Non-European.”

Who knows what is European eh? I bet it’s not the Pope. At least I, know that. And if there is some other people who are tended to think like that, you just have to look at the “paintings” of the that painter very much glorified between the Two World Wars and after that suddenly disappearad as not a Painter, but who is very well skilled in the carving off of a Painting. His name is maybe not known to the all, but you have to give that. At least all the names of the Gnomes.

That is, for my part, to be classified in that sense is a Shame. Carving off of a painting is someting brute, not brutal. But carving off of a good sculptures from the caves of the God, that is I guess can only be good mannered. Not people, but in the good sense. Good people.

That’s all I ever say, for now at least. Shame to those who think they are belong to an another Universe. There is only one just because, and maybe, probably two. But not four.

Peşrev Magazine,

In the Name of;

Yiğit O. Özdemir.

And Besides all, thanks to the Gore Vidal for all the Help.