A group of People in A like

A group of a people in a like. A people in a group of alike like in a Groupy a-group. A group of alike people like in an alike people of a groupy Group. A grouping people which likes a likely a good many people of a group so that they can be any matter of a nut.

A good many of a people who are alike a like many of a good many people, don’t many of a themselves too many forget a many too many a two poor or aw a-three people. Three people. There of a people. Three. So that a many of a people aliking in any contest of a likely alike of a good many of a people, that a many of a A Man that would king the rule of a Many o’ woods of a chucking not chuckling of a woody wools.

A good many of a people were sitting. A little good many of a little groupy gôrup of a people would standly stand. Would standly sand. Would say that. Would say in that of a closet which is shelded “A many to off a wood any chuck, chuckly, chucklingleé.” So a good many of a Jew , any Jew. A Jew would say that if a Gay would go upfront in a good so many a poor People would be likely a likened likelée alike. So too, say that in a sensé, Poor people are not always in anonlié upfront.

“Long live the Front.”


Sîren O. Soygazi

Resim: Elçin Aysan.


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