A Film about Leon


You know the film about Leon. He smiles, he kills, and loves that little girl of Jewish origin. That way, he also smiles at an owner of a workshop someone who is really, a-rellay smiling girly facey shopowner of yours can be said, that, if someone like Leon should be killed by some intelligentsia or something like that, ow, that’is, I know, I know, he is, Leon Trotsky, right? Means, that if you are really talk to a Marxian, you had to know about not just people’s suffering, but not just the sufferers of the people but, also, can be said that people’s from the sufferers own landish quasimodoish suffering people of the landless. That means, Moses, if from a Mosesian perspective, can be seen as a Dead Trotskyte portrait. So that, it can be also seen like a mirror image of a lie. A lying lie.

So that it can be said that, this 1994 made film (we need data of course, that “is” ampirical evidence) and with this and that evidence we can not find some truth crizzles, and not just a funny portrait of a smiling funny truth crizzling, but, can be said that, of Course, if you are trying to save a langagé! You have to also save the Montaigne, the right to “not just not to talk, but also, the right to not just to make people not to talk with you.” A Homerian Quasimodo would say to that answer, “What, you don’t know Valâ Nureddin rhetoric, O, it’s all over the Eastern European and Asiatic countries! How can you not know, How can not know you not a beast of yours, don’t you even have a Wicked Intelligentsia which can hide your lack of interest and sincerity and obscenity, you, are, naked, Man,” and the talk not goes on like that forever, someone would had to fight, and that will of course not will be Homer because he is such beausy with righting such monologues like that in a third manner, so, we have to see The Homer, in aa Brechtian Mirror, that is something like Velazquez’s Venus portrait: “You can see me, I can see you, But you can’t see you.”

So, something like that would be something much more closer to the Brechtian sensing a Leon subtrack title: “Someone is watching you not, Someone is wathing you lake a watching watch, someone is like a Rolling not a busy Stony Stone and a marble statues never holding hand.” So, you can’t fall in love with a marble stone, even is something like Human landing scape or something like that, but also, you can’t fall in love with Noam Chomsky either, because he is such a selfish little Jewish boy that he even counts he pea nickles, and, like a Tom Sawyer, he even saves hic neckties broadened necks, and also, like a broadened Necky necky neck, he also saves his fingertip lies to. That are, fingernail, like a horse tailing tale and taling horse’s little tale about a little Jewish girl who was killed in a Propaganda struggle.

For Noam Chomsky, there is the girl who was killed by the Nazi sttrugle, and there is the Girl who was savoured by running in to a political campaign which was by that time running by Soviet entrepreunership, and there is that little girl, in that sense, always reads in these articles always the same senseless bullshit in a first prepast tense. That means, if a jewish little girl would be grown women in a Communist Manifesto’s baptizing, then, he would be a, jewish Girl, or a boyish propagandist of the Nazi Germany. But you have to know, there is no Such thing as a Nazi Germany wartimes spacehip that we can lean on when the real timeles timy times came to and end and to know you better you have to know not you the better of the butter mily stateships of the United States of the Cuban, and of course, Turkish affairs.

Yeah, we know we know everybody talks about it like a love affair but you have to also to know that it is, not, always, one sided, it is like a four handed Blake picture. İf you hit too hard with that knife of yours to a Bald headed whity Jewish old man, it will not just tell you all the truths about his evilish lives and lies, but, like that little novel of the Charles Dickens (yes we have better novels) of Oldies Shop (I remember something such like that, I guess I can have the right to mock a book if i’ve read it and liked it, right?) the young Jewish girl lies in a book nutsellish wife’s of an old knock and that old knock comes that a little point even the Lord-Elwynn can’t save them with the Boats of Noah, that means, leather Boats of the Noah, which can, even without sunking, like Balzac’s ship, with Mallarmélike dicing of the boats lives and lives of the boatlivers and lunging lives of of the liver lives of the sunken ships, that way, we, can, may be, Come to, something like a sparkling pointy point o’ a Truthing not shell. So, Truth, is not just and ethical category like Baodiu have been admised, but also, a practical category, which is something like a sparkling truths comeing to sense, like, sayin’ someting like:

“Let there be light,


Let there be Words,


Oh, Let there be,

Zizek then. He would help you to find the right words of yours.”


But of course, the issue is not something like that, to stuck to the reason and not just a reason and a reasony reasonish reason, you have to say that what is this all about and is this all that such nonsense like Mark Rothko paintings, there is not inner connection between the lines of the words and the articles title? But, and arctic article, an arcticle, can be said that always shows his tip on tiptoes of his nest, so you, I guess, have to follow on.

In 1938, there is a bombardman order in the Turkish coordinates of the citizenshipy world, and that coordinants, in that corrdintes, there is also is not signed by an autocratic dictatorship (you are too hasty to classify some people like that, and, also, some people, too) and with that of an order, an inner bombardman with such lines of that also is saying something like.

“We haven’t seen the film about Trotsky yet, but, we are eager to see it.”

So, it is not the corruption of the Whole military bando, and not the corruption of a Newly found Natioan, but also, a Natioan’s not a self denial with an orderly ordinership, but like an ordinarius professor, like something like a sold Cihat Burak painting or ah, I Guess, like Cahitf Arf’s arf teoremas. Yeah, that’s right that’s right we all know that, we all know that, bu you don’t know that, or just don’t want see the knowing people of something like that, or, that can be sait that you just don’t want to talk to the people who have Iyes like Picassos, and Minds like Cezanné and Bullfights like an Andulisian soldier. So, at that time, all the bombardmans goes to the West Man! Not! Not, all the bombardmans goes to the West, from a Mussolianian dicattorship to a Francelaenan Fascistic military Cazzy klass bando fighter fascists, so, like that, if you play enough louder with that little jouissancé of yours, Mr. Chomsky, some day, maybe, you can not see the Smurfs, but, I guess, maybe hear the voices of the Cries of the Military Bandorial dictatorship democratic flies, that means, if you turn enough around the world, like people like Marko Polo and Kolombo (like the Commiesser), and these people can not imagine the meaning of the Hindu without not knowing even without a digit learning to numbering say, that means, if you are like a little Humble like Kopernik, you can, of course, see the world is not a map but a world, and the world is always not enough if you are so Big, and if you are So Big, I guess even the French slumps would hesitate to give you the rights of a French citizen girly girls 16 year old Virnigity, yeah, it’s like that in the Third Wirld.

We very well know that.


But, to not to Forget lacan, as the principle owner of a lacanian inkian thinkering tinker bell, so that we have to give him the rights to preserve his own not not willingyness being in a third noty positivey, and a noty positivist, and an little ampirical positivist, but also, if you are hesitating to negatioate not, but, that can be said that, negate, negatate, negation, something like that  I guess, you have to read, some, not Lacan you of course wouldn’t Understand him, or hiss belly toe principle of the younglings entrepreuner ship not, entreprenéur ship not, but a shipping entreprenéur shipping contests diping mouth of a San Fransiscéen Valley. Yeah you read Umberto Aco he supports European Union and with all your Gun trade you make all the world of the people not, but all the people of the World (Not, I guess something like Universe, Right Kopey?)  and with that gesture, to give the name of Kopernik to your dog, you just not admit that you have subversive and unjunctional disorderliness in your family life, but of course, family life, if it’s not a Communist family life, and, of course, it would be something so much other something like that. But you still reamin to hide under some tip belly toes of American Ku-Klux-Klownish disorderliness, but you forget that, Mr. Chomsky, you can’t hit the buttons, American people have always, but not just always but also already, not already but also alreadiness in a third future tense, like something like Kopernik going to Greeks not, not Going into Greeks not, But, Kopernik, visiting a villain’s home in the Second World War America.

That, is, I guess, why you have the given to your dog the Kopernik’s not name, but name of a Big, and Grandiose, and also, an important science fictivé character’s name of a dog of yours not, but, in a Non-Humanistic sense not, not in a Nony-Humanistic sense, but, maybe said that can be, with the all flown Building and Corruptioning and also Demolishing business going all over the world, you also, in a None-Humanistic sense (because an anti-humanism, I think, I guess, Don’t know such guys like Badiou or Godard that well but, at least in a Hegelian sense should have something close Humanisms inner spirit, like an esprit’s last song which had been sung to a killing crowning crow, and that way “can be said that overthrown with an collapsing including ship, like a third world Hegelian translate I know but you have to know better, I guess.”)

So, without even knowing the fate of his owen people, so that can be said in a Turkish wisdom, without knowing your own people’s sufferings, you can’t know other your own people’s sufferings now, but you can’t just know that you are already that other people of yours, that mean, a la autre.

With Regards and much of a, not Hate but something close to Disgust,

With the minds of the such beatiful thinkers like Zizek and his girlfriend, yeah we know her right? (Riiiggght!)

And of course, with the Honorable mind of the Such philosopheérs like, I don’t know if a had spelled right but, at least, I know French girls could have not done better. Prove that wrong, if that is right, prove that right, if you are a wrong rung bell, prove if you are wrong rung bell in the House of a Montaigneé dicatorship. Yes.

Yiğit Özdemir


PS: This writing has not its own version in Turkish letters and Turkish grammar and Turkish lettré, something close to esprit, But, kim bilebilir ki?